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Types of Volcanoes

Fundamentally there are 4 types of volcanoes. Each exhibit a specific eruptive style, composition and appearance:

Cinder Cone Volcano

Cinder Cone Volcano Steep, symmetrical, straight-sided cinder cones are made of loose, angular, volcanic rock fragments that spray/fall from the eruption cloud and accumulate above a vent.

Example: SP Crater

Dome Volcano

Dome Volcano Lava domes are rounded, bulging, steep-sided mounds of silica-righ lava that is too viscous to flow very far from vent before cooling solid.

Example: Mount Elden

Shield Volcano

Shield Volcano Fluid basaltic lavas that can flow easily across the ground tend to build massive, low-angled slope and shield-shaped profile.


Stratovolcano The flanks of these often massive, steep-sloped volcanoes are built up of alternating layes of rock between viscous and pyroclastic deposits. Eruptions are violent often followed by pyroclastic flows.

Example: San Francisco Peak