Yellow Trail Sightings

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Annual Yellow Sweet Clover

Annual Yellow Sweet Clover  - Melilotus indicus

On: 4/10/2010
The small flowers are in narrow, elongated racemes. The individual flowers within the cluster a...
Bird's-foot Trefoil/Deervetch

Bird's-foot Trefoil/Deervetch  - Lotus corniculatus

On: 3/10/2012
A luscious, bright green perennial with 1 inch delicate yellow flowers; all parts are poisonous...

Broomrape  - Orobanche

On: 7/11/2001
Parasitic plant that makes it's living off the roots of trees (no chlorophyll - non-photosynthe...
Butterfly Weed or Butterfly Milkweed

Butterfly Weed or Butterfly Milkweed  - Asclepias tuberosa

On: 2/14/2010
Flower Color: Orange, yellow Plant Type: Herb, Perennial Height: To 3 feet tall Notes: Poi...
California Poppy

California Poppy  - Eschscholzia californica

On: 4/02/2010
The delicate flowers are up to 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) wide, with 4 petals that are richer in color t...
Coves Cassia

Coves Cassia  - Senna covesii

On: 8/31/2012
This annual grows to 2 ft high and has 5 petals flowers about 1 inch in size. The leaves are gr...
Coves' Cassia

Coves' Cassia  - Senna covesii

On: 11/26/2011
This perennial grows in rocky soil/slopes. The flowers are about an inch wide with 5 petals. Th...
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