Fungi/Mushrooms Trail Sightings

Pholiota terrestris

Pholiota terrestris  - Pholiota terrestris

On: 8/14/2010
This species emerge in grassy areas along burried wood. The caps are densely scaly, 2-10cm broa...
Russula alutacea

Russula alutacea  - Russula alutacea

On: 8/14/2010
This species is one of the most abundant Russula species found in the southwestern ponderosa pi...
Southwestern Caesar's Amanita

Southwestern Caesar's Amanita  - Amanita caesarea

On: 8/13/2010
Cap bright orange when fresh, but fades/dulls with sun exposure. Cap is smooth and bold, with a...
Yellow-red gill polypore

Yellow-red gill polypore  - Gloeophyllum sepiarium

On: 8/02/2008
A strange pale yellow-orange blob that looks like a cross between the blob and a creamsicle. It...