Blue/Purple Trail Sightings

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American Vetch

American Vetch  - Vicia americana

On: 7/04/2010
The incredibly rich hues of lavender/purple and the numerous flowers make this common Pea quite...
Bigbract Verbena

Bigbract Verbena  - Verbena bracteata

On: 8/14/2010
This annual is about 10-60cm long, with several stems. It grows in wet disturbed habitats from ...
Blue Flax

Blue Flax  - Linum lewisii

On: 5/31/2010
Dakota Verbena

Dakota Verbena  - Glandularia bipinnatifida

On: 3/16/2013
This annual herb has clusters of flowers at the stem tips. The flowers have 5 notched lobes and...
Desert Larkspur

Desert Larkspur  - Delphinium parishii

On: 4/12/2010
The most drought tolerant larkspur in the US. All the plant parts contain poisonous alkaloids a...
Desert thistle

Desert thistle  - Cirsium neomexicanum

On: 6/13/2009
This thistle is native to the southwestern United States, particularly the Mojave Desert. It is...
Distant Phacelia

Distant Phacelia  - Phacelia distans

On: 3/28/2010
Growth Habit: Herb/Forb Flower Color: Violet-blue to purple, Whitish Height: Up to 18 inc...

Fabaceae  - Astragalus missouriensis

On: 5/05/2013
This perennial herb has pea-like flowers about 1 inch long with pink-purple outside and white-c...
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