West Fork Oak Creek #108

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West Fork Oak Creek #108

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West Fork Oak Creek #108

by: Aubrey
Location:  Sedona, AZ          Longitude:  -111.7432    Latitude:  34.9906
West Fork is the most popular trail on the Coconino National Forest. You'll know some of them once you've strolled beside the pleasant little stream that ripples along the canyon floor and looked up, way up, at the dizzying cliffs that tower above it.
Features and Interests:   Cool hide-out during summer and majestic during winter.
The trail begins at the southwest corner of the parking area over a short foot-bridge over Oak Creek. The trail proceeds south for another quarter mile, passing ruins of Mayhew Lodge, into the canyon of the Oak Creek.

Heading into the canyon, the trail turns upstream following the spring sourced West Fork through a narrow canyon walled by towering red cliffs. The trail has a gradual grade and is shaded by the canyon walls and tall pine, fir and oak trees. It crosses the stream many times, requiring easy boulder hops or shallow wading.

The views are limited by the canyon walls but still spectacular. The official trail ends at around 3.25 miles but the path continues for another 11 miles to Forest Road 231. Continuing on requires wading in cold, deep water so come prepared with extra supplies for the long trek (if you choose to continue)!
Trail Distance:  6.5 miles round-trip
Elevation:  5325ft - 5500ft   (change 175ft)
Trail Difficutly:  Easy - stroll through the park
How Crowded:  Often frequented trail
Season:  January to December
Accomodations: (on site)   Toilets  WaterDrive south 17.5 miles south from Flagstaff or north 9.5 miles from Sedona to about halfway between milepost 385 and 384. The trailhead is on the west side of the highway down a paved lane that leads behind a few creekside houses. The best place to park is at the Call O' The Canyon day-use area. Fee area: day-use is $9 per vehicle.Paved road or trail to the trailhead
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