Rock Echeveria

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Rock Echeveria

Rock Echeveria  - Dudleya saxosa

by: Honza
Location/Trail:  Peralta Trail #120 Weaver's Needle
Date sighted:  3/13/2010
Season:  Spring
Dudleya Saxosa is a stemless succulent which forms a basal rosette. It will reach the mature size of approximately 1 foot by 1 foot. The gray-blue to green leaves are elongate in shape, with smooth margins and soft tips. With adequate rainfall mid April brings bright yellow-orange, tubular shaped flowers which are supported on orange-red to pink penduncles. The blooms are followed by fruit each containing five capsules and numerous seeds. D. saxosa grows from 0 to 7,218 ft, preferring north facing cliffs and rock crevices with little soil. In fact, D. saxosa thrive in a very small soil volume, and the underground corm is the major supplier of water to the succulent leaves during periods of drought. This would make it an excellent Xeriscape plant. It is able to tolerate full sun but is best with some shade. Interestingly, it is the host to the sonoran blue butterfly, Philotes sonorensis. This species of dudleya is a salvage restricted protected native plant, by the Arizona Department of Agriculture.
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