Lake Bismarck via Little Spring

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Lake Bismarck via Little Spring

Hiking Trail

Lake Bismarck via Little Spring

by: Honza
Location:  Flagstaff, AZ          Longitude:  -111.7323    Latitude:  35.3761
One of the most amazing hikes in Flagstaff area; hike forests and prairies to scenic views of San Francisco mountain.
Features and Interests:   Lovely prairies and spring.
Flora/Fauna on this Trail:
  Coral root  Coral root
Starting off just beyond the gate, take this old road about 0.4 miles to an open prairie. Once there, make your way to a green oasis in the far right of this prairie (the trail branches at a Y, keep to the right). This prairie is excellent for a picnic and relaxing in the sun! Making your way to the far right lush greenery; you will pass a historic site/marker of cabins. Just beyond the marker you should see the Little Spring which is a small pond with a metal pipe running the water.

Continue beyond the spring where you will see a small single-track going off into the forest with a barricade next to it. Hike up the trail for about 0.4 miles through a cool aspen and spruce forest. This forest trail is the most difficult part with steep slope all the way to the top. Once at the top, you will see another trail/road joining from left, keep to the right. Upon this level area, you will come to a narrow prairie, starting to expose the mountain surroundings. Eventually you will come to the large park/opening which curves to the right. This destination exposes the Bismarck Lake and the stunning views of the San Francisco mountain.
Trail Distance:  2.4 miles round-trip
Elevation:  8280ft - 8820ft   (change 540ft)
Trail Difficutly:  Moderate - requires some endurance, elevation changes
How Crowded:  Occassional passing
Season:  March to November
Accomodations: (on site) Drive the Highway 180 north out of Flagstaff about 19 miles to mile marker 235. Shortly after is a turn off to the right for FR 151. Take the FR 151 about 2.4 miles (you will pass a turn off for FR418, stay on FR 151) to an open park/field. There, you will see a left turn off for FR 418B. Take the FR 418B about 0.2 miles to the small parking lot. The trailhead starts beyond the steel gate.Good dirt road, off-road vehicle not needed.
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