Wing Mountain

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Wing Mountain

Hiking Trail

Wing Mountain

by: Honza
Location:  Flagstaff, AZ          Longitude:  -111.7954    Latitude:  35.2642
Scale a steep, forest covered, cinder cone volcano in the wilderness just outside Flagstaff.
Features and Interests:   Cinder cone volcano. Nearby A-1 Mountain, which was owned by Arizona Cattle Company, gave rise to the now famous A-1 Steak Sauce!
Flora/Fauna on this Trail:
Once you park, hike up this winding dirt road. You will come upon a dirt bike track crossing, keep on the road instead. You will keep following this road as it slowly starts climbing the mountain where it will come to a dead end. At this point, you will just have to scramble up the volcano. It's quite steep grade, so even though zig-zagging might be needed, try to keep a straight path up the mountain! If you have trouble doing this, turn around every so often and keep the white barns/houses behind you at all time. If you will succeed at doing this :-) you will come upon the highest part of the volcano rim where you will see a large pile of rocks with land survey marker.

From here, hike around the rim of the volcano and enjoy the beautiful views. Going counter-clockwise will bring you to the view of San Francisco mountain. If you wish, feel free to go down hill into the valley of the volcano where you might have a small pond during wet season.

To go back, hike back to the pile of rocks/survey marker and just head straight down. Maintaining a straight course you should come directly upon the dirt road which you will follow to where you parked.
Trail Distance:  1.8 miles round-trip
Elevation:  7800ft - 8560ft   (change 760ft)
Trail Difficutly:  Difficult - good physical fitness is a must, large elevation changes
How Crowded:  Solitude
Season:  February to October
Accomodations: (on site) From Flagstaff, take the 180 north about 8.5 miles just past the mile marker 224. Make a left at the prominently marked FR222. Follow this dirt road about 1.7 miles to the FR519 fork, where you will make a sharp left. Keep on the FR519 (it is quite rough about half way in) for about 1.8 miles where it intersects FR518. At this fork, make a right. Note your odometer here, because you will need to go 0.3 miles to an unmarked dirt road; this dirt road is quite easy to miss. Make are right on this dirt and go about 0.2 miles in where you will see some forest/tree clearing. Park here.Good dirt road, off-road vehicle not needed.
Lava River (tube) Cave   -   Easy : 1.6 miles long : 7640ft to 7700ft (change 60ft)
Veit Springs   -   Easy : 1.6 miles long : 8540ft to 8600ft (change 60ft)
Kachina Trail #150   -   Moderate : 12.2 miles long : 8790ft to 9325ft (change 535ft)
Schultz Creek Trail #152   -   Moderate : 8.6 miles long : 7300ft to 8100ft (change 800ft)
Lake Bismarck via Little Spring   -   Moderate : 2.4 miles long : 8280ft to 8820ft (change 540ft)
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