Montezuma's Well

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Montezuma's Well

Hiking Trail

Montezuma's Well

by: Honza
Location:  Verde Valley, AZ          Longitude:  -111.7543    Latitude:  34.6488
Cool spot for the Arizona summers, the Montezuma well is a suprising oasis.
Features and Interests:   A 74 degree year round water well (former sinkhole) that is fed by an aquifer. The Well sustains a suprising amount of wildlife; the base of the lake is a spring outlet that forms a crystal clear stream to the river. There are Hohokam and Sinaguan dwellings/ruins around the perimeter of the well.
Flora/Fauna on this Trail:
Note: there is no fee to enter this park.

This trail is a simple half mile loop that starts with a mild ascend to the rim of the well, providing a nice lookout point over the well and desert. From here, you can either go down to the water via a steep but paved path. It will take you amongst the trees and vegetation to the base of the well with visible caves.

The other route will take you to the spring/outlet of the well stream. The outlet has a well formed canal which drains the spring to the river. The surrounding is a great place to sit, relax and read a book! From there, you will back-track to the loop and finish off at the parking lot.
Trail Distance:  .5 miles round-trip
Elevation:  3550ft - 3600ft   (change 50ft)
Trail Difficutly:  Easy - stroll through the park
How Crowded:  Often frequented trail
Season:  September to July
Accomodations: (on site)   Toilets  Water  Ranger Station  CampingTake I-17 North from Phoenix to exit 293; the Well is 4 miles north of the exit for Montezuma Castle. You will go through the towns of McGuireville and Rimrock, following the signs for four miles to the entrance to the Montezuma Well.Paved road or trail to the trailhead
Bell Rock Courthouse Butte Loop   -   Moderate : 4.6 miles long : 4150ft to 4350ft (change 200ft)
Little Horse Trail #61 to Chicken Point   -   Moderate : 3.1 miles long : 4225ft to 4555ft (change 330ft)
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